Rechargeable Works

We recharge the cost of repairs and maintenance, where the cause is due to misuse, abuse or accidental damage. We do not recharge for items that have failed because of age, or fair wear and tear. Examples of rechargeable work are clearing blocked toilets, replacing broken windows and door panels, and changing locks. When reporting a repair we will tell you if the item is rechargeable.

To ensure that any repairs or replacements meet our required standard, we prefer to arrange all necessary works. The benefits to you are: competitive costs, approved contractors, work completed to the council’s required standard and a guarantee on parts and labour.

You can arrange for your own repair or replacement, but you must ensure you have our written approval before doing so. We will recharge you for all costs that arise for correcting work undertaken or commissioned by you.

In some circumstances we may have to carry out such work when you are absent, either to secure the property or prevent further damage. Whether the work was at your request or, as part of our duty of care to our tenants and our property, we will usually make a charge. Should we decide not to recharge the cost we will tell you in writing.