Benefits of Working for Us


We have a graded pay structure, and the salary advertised is normally the 'top of the grade' for a fully qualified and experienced person and shows the possible salary level available to you in the future. As a rule, new appointments are made at an appropriate level below the salary advertised. All salaries are reviewed annually and any pay award takes effect on 1 July.

Hours of work/flexible working

The authority has a flexible-working scheme based on a 37 hour, five day week.

  • The offices are open between 7am and 7pm
  • Core time (the hours during which you must be at work) is 10am - midday and 2pm - 4pm
  • The balance of hours is made up by agreement with your manager, taking into account the manning needs of the section

Some jobs require specific hours to be worked, which may include evenings or weekends, but it is our policy to allow flexibility where possible to help staff meet the demands of their home life.

For suitable posts, some working from home may also be an option.

Annual leave

The basic annual leave entitlement is 20 days (pro rata for part-time posts), plus 2 extra statutory days. The basic entitlement will rise according to the grade of the post. After five years' continuous local government service, an extra five days are added.

Pension/life assurance

All employees will automatically become members of the Local Government Pension Scheme from the day they start, although you may opt out. The scheme is based on final pay, and gives you a tax-free lump sum on retirement, plus an index-linked annual pension. The employee’s contribution is between 5.5% and 7.5% of gross salary and the council's contribution is generally assumed to be two-thirds of the scheme costs. We also have a separate life assurance scheme for our staff.

Essential car user

Where a car is necessary to carry out the duties of the job, the position will be classed as an "essential car user" entitled to a subsidised lease car or cash alternative.

If the job you have applied for is in this category, it will be clearly shown on the advertisement and the job description. You should be aware that there are personal income tax implications if you have a lease car. We also pay business mileage where appropriate.


The Civic Centre is a single modern block situated within easy reach of the town centre and the station, and next to the Stour Centre fitness and leisure facilities.   

The offices are open plan, and a no-smoking policy applies. A spacious staff room is available with a pool table and kitchen facilitates including a microwave. Cold food such as salads and sandwiches can be purchased from a mobile sandwich trolley which comes into the offices in the morning.