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Ashford Town Centre Display Areas

bandstandFor promotional purposes there are two display areas available for hire in Ashford town centre [pdf] 66KB.

Upper High Street

  • Adjacent to TN24 8SE
  • The area is available to hire 7 days per week


  • 10m x 10m* narrowing to 7.5m (*obstruction with lighting column in centre of this area, hence small trailers /displays only)
  • Power available through 3 x 16 amp commando sockets from bandstand platform

Suitable for

  • Small trailers, branded gazebo or similar
  • No vehicles are allowed to display in this area
  • Brick built bandstand with canopy cover

Lower High Street


  • 7.5m x 32m
  • Power available through 2 x 16 amp commando sockets (accessed via box on the side of fountain power unit casing)
  • Vehicles/trailers accepted – available Sunday, Monday, Wednesday (non market days)


  • Access to the town is via Bank Street
  • The town centre is pedestrianised from 10.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • 8am to 6pm on Saturdays
  • No restrictions on a Sunday

Trailers can be off loaded on a Sunday evening, subject to ensuring your own security arrangements are in place.

There is access for vehicles to load and unload only, which can be made by prior arrangement. Vehicles wishing to remain on site in the lower High Street will need to apply for a vehicle waiver at a cost of £30. Trailers do not need a waiver.

To book

If you wish to hire the display areas in Ashford town centre, please get in touch with the Licensing team. Bookings for the following year can be taken from 1 September.

After checking availability with the licensing team, complete an application to hire town centre display areas [pdf] 803KB. On receipt of the application form, along with appropriate public liability insurance, completed risk assessment and correct fee, the booking will be confirmed.

Charges to commercial organisations

  • £200 per Saturday
  • £150 per week day and Sunday
  • £600 for 5 days Monday to Friday
  • £750 for 6 days Monday to Saturday
  • £900 for 7 days Monday to Sunday

Small local business

  • £50 per week day and Sunday
  • £75 per Saturday
  • Registered charity / community group or political parties - no charge
  • Special rates are available for long term bookings and for local businesses - please contact the Licensing team for details

Please note that a distributing free literature permit is required to hand out printed material.

Questions Answers
Can the display area be used for commercial purposes? Yes but charges apply – see above.
What can I use the bandstand for? The actual bandstand can only be used for musical performances. The area in front of it (outside the pound shop) can be used for commercial and charity displays. 
What do I need to do to book the display area?  email the Licensing team to check if the date is free and to make the booking. Once the date is confirmed by licensing, complete an application form, risk assessment and provide public liability insurance and fee as applicable. 
What size is the display area? 10m x 10m narrowing to 7.5m. 
What is the postcode of the display area? 
  • Upper High Street is TN24 8SE
  • Lower High Street is TN24 8TD 


Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory