Stage 1: Do you need planning permission?

Before making an application check if you need planning permission. Some types of building work have already been granted planning permission by national legislation.

Don’t forget that even if planning permission is not required then Building Regulation consent may be needed.

Stage 2: Pre-application advice

Before you make an application we strongly encourage you to discuss your ideas with us first.  We offer a Pre application advice service which is free for householders and proposals that would bring more jobs into the area. There is a small charge for all other types of development.

Pre application advice can save time and money.

Stage 3: Making the applicationMake a planning application online button. Blue box with click here written in white across it. to make an application is written in blue below the box.

Apply online at the Planning Portal.  

It's quick, easy and comes direct to us. It saves paper and can save you money.

Watch video tutorials on the Planning Portal or read the guidance notes on how to submit an application on line.

Make sure your application is valid and complete when you submit as this will save a lot of time. Our validation page has lots of helpful advice on why an application is invalid when we receive it.

Please note that all information you provide on the application form and in any accompanying documents will normally be published on the council's website. Only the applicant's personal details, such as telephone and email contact details, and signatures, will be routinely blanked out.

If you wish to provide information in support of the application which you regard as sensitive or confidential, and which you do not wish to be published as set out above, this must be submitted as a separate document and clearly marked as such. Such information should not be embedded within larger documents where it will be more difficult to identify. You should include with any such separate document an explanation as to why you do not wish the document to be published. The council will consider the request and may need to contact you further regarding the request.