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Project Updates

Update 19 May 2020:

The last few months have been quiet on the project front, as everyone has been adjusting to life under lockdown and adapting plans to work around this.

However, work behind the scenes is continuing, and we recently appointed a Youth Project Co-ordinator and a Volunteer and Community Engagement Officer who will be leading on these parts of the project.

Nicola is our new Youth Involvement Co-ordinator, she will be working to get young people involved in the park. We’re going to have some activities and projects for you to try in the coming weeks.

Victoria is our Volunteer and Community Engagement Officer. She’s been exploring ways to open up a variety of opportunities for both our current volunteers, and all new ones who are interested in coming on board, and also coming up with ideas of activities and events for the local community to get involved with.

Alongside this work, we’re also working hard with our team of designers on detailed plans for the park project. You can read more about this on our blog.

Update 8 January 2020:

From Wednesday 15 January we will be undertaking some management work to the trees near to the Combat Play Area and cycle path at Victoria Park.  The trees are at risk of falling and require managing, so they will be cut to ground level, a process known as coppicing. 

Light will be able to get to the ground, meaning other species will be able to grow. This will provide food for butterflies and other insects, which in turn will provide food for birds, bats and mammals.

We will then be managing the woodland on a coppice rotation, meaning there will be a good variety of habitat and cover for a number of different bird species.

Coppice management will also increase the amount of light getting to the stream, making it a better habitat for wildlife. We hope this might mean the return of water voles to this part of the River Stour.

If you have any questions, please email the project team.

Update December 2019:

Our plans for tree planting within Victoria Park, as part of the revitalisation project, are now being finalised. New trees will be planted in appropriate locations across the park, allowing them space to grow. They will be managed through a long-term strategy.

Among the trees we will be planting are London planes, English oaks, small leaved limes, white willows, birches and field maples.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be updating the noticeboards in the park with information on what will be happening in particular areas, so keep your eyes open if you are visiting the park.