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Victoria Park Youth Council (VPYC)

If you are aged 12-25 you can join the new Victoria Park Youth Council (VPYC). The youth council will meet once a month to give their views on youth activities that are part of the Victoria Park Project. Members of VPYC will also get the opportunity to get involved in different youth activities and might even be able to run their own mini projects. The project team would especially like to recruit young people that have an interest in social media, art, play, fitness and vehicles such as scooters, skateboards, roller-skates and bikes.

What is a youth council?

A youth council is a democratic group, run and developed by young people, for young people. They represent the views of young people, giving them the opportunity to have a voice, discuss relevant issues, engage with decision-makers and contribute to improving the lives of other young people within their communities. Young people that join youth councils volunteer their time to attend meetings and contribute to activities.

Build your experience and CV

Joining VPYC is a great chance to learn valuable new skills that could enhance your CV, job applications and college or university applications. You can gain experience in communication, decision-making, working with others, working in the community, and possibly even planning events and activities. 

How to take part

You can join VPYC at any time during the Victoria Park Project. The first meeting of the Youth council will take place online at 6pm on the 11th of December 2020. If you would like to find out more information, or register your interest in attending, please contact the Youth Involvement Co-ordinator Nicola Priest via email.