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Volunteering at Victoria Park

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is a fantastic and flexible way to support your local park, meet new people and gain new skills. You give whatever time you are able to and we offer free training for volunteers across a variety of areas relevant to each role. There will also be opportunities for progression within the volunteer system that will help build a strong and sustainable network to continue the volunteer programme beyond the projects end.

Why volunteer?

There are many benefits to volunteering, as shown in the list below.

Connecting you to others

Volunteering increase your social and relationship skills. It also connects you to your community and you can make new friends and contacts.

Good for your body and mind

Volunteering helps you to stay physically active. It can help counteract the effects of stress and anxiety, whilst also increasing your self confidence.

Enhance your CV

Volunteering provides you with valuable, transferrable job skills. It can help further develop existing specialist skills and helps you gain experience for your career.

Fun and fulfilment

Volunteering is a fun and easy way to explore new interests. It creates more time for your hobbies out of work, and provides new opportunities to develop creative and practical skills.

How can I volunteer?

To become a Victoria Park Volunteer you need to explore the job opportunities currently available by clicking on the areas of interest below. Where a role states ‘coming soon’ we are not currently recruiting in that area but more opportunities will become available so do keep checking back. Once you have read through the roles and selected the one you feel you would enjoy the most, you need to fill in the Volunteer Application Forms and Volunteer Agreement in the Resources Section and email them to the named person. If you have questions you would like answered about the role then contact victoria.park@ashford.gov.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can. After you have submitted your forms you will then hear from a member of the team regarding starting in your role. Some roles will require a DBS check. Where this is necessary it will be stated in the job description. If a DBS is required you will be sent all the relevant information following your application.

Types of volunteering


Do you have a passion for the outdoors? Would you love to get hands on in the conservation and maintenance of the park’s nature and habitat? A role in conservation may be for you!

View Conservation Volunteer Role Description [pdf] 177KB.

Research and Heritage (Coming Soon)

Do you have a passion for history? Do you love putting together collections of historical importance or researching long lost secrets? A role supporting heritage may be for you!

Events (Coming Soon)

Do you love the buzz of the crowd? Are you a great communicator or enjoy interacting with the wider public? If so a role in events support may be for you!


Do you love interacting with people and have good communication skills? Do you enjoy meeting new people? The a role in evaluation may be for you!

View Evaluation Volunteer Role Description [pdf] 119KB.

Website (Coming Soon)

Do you have skills in building or maintaining websites? Do you have an eye for design or an interest in developing new ideas? Then a role working with our website may be for you!

Short term options:

Would you love to help but on a more relaxed one-off basis? Maybe you want to try a variety of roles before you settle on one or you need to develop in a very specific area? If so a short term volunteering option may be for you!

Litter Picks

Information on our volunteer litter picks is coming soon.

Workshop Leader

View Workshop Leader Volunteer Role Description [pdf] 123KB.

Park Tour Guide

View Park Tour Guide Volunteer Role Description [pdf] 120KB.


For further information or to send in your application forms, please contact:

Email: Victoria.fannon@ashford.gov.uk

Post: Vicky Fannon, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent TN23 1PL