You will have heard the council talk about J10a of the M20 being one of its priority Big 8 projects. Now, a new junction of the M20 is being proposed by Highways England.

What is J10a?

The proposed J10 has been classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project and specifically would aim to:

  • Increase the capacity of the road network
  • Improve journey time reliability
  • Allow the delivery of residential and employment development within the Ashford growth area
  • Provide a new route for traffic into Ashford via the new junction 10a and dual carriageway link road
  • Improve safety around the existing J10 by alleviating congestion
  • Minimise the environmental impact where possible

What is the process?

Highways England is proposing the new junction. It consulted on its preferred route between 14 January and 17 March 2016, and over 600 people attended public exhibitions during the consultation period.

Please note that Ashford Borough Council and Kent County Council are only consultees in this process. Following Highways England's consultation it has submitted its application to the Planning Inspectorate, which has accepted the application and will now consider the application and make a recommendation. It is the Secretary of State for Transports who will make the final decision as to whether or not to grant permission in due course. 

What is the preferred route?

All the details are available on the Planning Inspectorate's website and we would urge you to read through the documents provided. It is a major application and so it is necessarily detailed, with over 200 documents making up the application however, summary versions will also be available.

Please note that the M20 J10a consultation is entirely separate to application 14/00906/AS.