How can I help?

When you report a breach to us please provide clear information including:

  • Your name and address and contact details
  • Who owns the property, if you know
  • Details of the building being put up or what is going
  • If building works are going on, who the builders are – it may say on the side of their van
  • Photographs – but please do not trespass or put yourself in harm's way to get them
  • A clear statement about what harm is being caused by the building works or activities taking place, for example;
    • Is it noisy?
    • Does the use produce lots of traffic? Is it car or lorry traffic?
    • How does the building affect you?
    • Is the new building very visible in the landscape?
  • continuing to monitor activities on the site where you think a breach has occurred – e.g. logging the times a business is operating or whether someone is staying in a building overnight

Providing this information to us allows us to assess quickly whether a breach has occurred, let you know what is going to happen and concentrate our resources on those breaches which are likely to cause the most harm in accordance with our priorities.