Site Submissions

The Local Plan to 2030 must provide sufficient land to provide for any new jobs and homes to 2030, as well as for Gypsy and Travellers' sites, Leisure, Retail, Visitor and Tourism facilities.

Between July and September 2013, ABC held a 'call for sites' and requested that people send in to us details of any sites that were available for development. Since the official call for sites ended, we have received a number of further submissions. These have been labelled as 'Informal' but all sites are assessed in the same way, using a standard format outlined in the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA)

Any site submissions received now will be included in all subsequent updates to the SHELAA. The latest SHELAA was published in July 2017, for the 2016/17 Monitoring year.

Site submission details from 2013/14 Call for sites

The list of all the site submissions are available to download [pdf] 358KB