Charing Neighbourhood Plan

Area designation

On 3 March Ashford Borough Council received an application from Charing Parish Council for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area. The area requested to be designated is the entire Parish of Charing. The application and map of the area was open for public consultation for 6 weeks between 18 March and 29 April 2016.

On 31 May, ABC approved the designation of the Charing Neighbourhood Area. A copy of the designation report, Neighbourhood Area application and map, which identifies the area, is attached below.

Charing Neighbourhood Area Designation Report [pdf] 419KB

Charing Neighbourhood Area Boundary Map [pdf] 2MB

Download Application for designation from Charing PC [pdf] 100KB

Contact the Neighbourhood Plan Group

Neighbourhood Plans are led by the Parish Council and information about them can be found by visiting the Charing Parish Council website.