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Building Conservation

We are working hard to review and adapt our processes as we transition into a new way of working brought about by the circumstances surrounding the current Coronavirus outbreak. These relate to our delegated powers regarding planning decisions and associated arrangements for Planning Committees. We are not yet in a position to provide you with a definitive illustration of these arrangements but are working hard to arrive at that point. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Building conservation and the historic environment

The historic environment including historic buildings, landscapes and areas are the physical legacy of the social and economic history of human activity and contribute to the special character of the borough. It is the responsibility of the council and a key role of the planning system to ensure that this historic environment is protected and enhanced. This is ensured in a number of ways through formal designations such as listed buildings and conservation areas, historic parks and scheduled ancient monuments.

The borough hosts over 3000 listed buildings and 43 conservation areas. Details of these can be found on the interactive map (please note that some of our maps won't work in Google Chrome).

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