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Local Land Charges Fees

All payments are generally required in advance of work commencing on your request, unless agreed otherwise. 
All prices given are for one parcel of land. See our submission guidance for further clarification.
Prices include VAT where applicable. 

Please note:  As from April 2021 – we are unable to accept any paper searches or cheques sent in the post.


Portal, email and NLIS submissions (for more information see Submit a Local Authority Search)

Local Land Charges Fees
Search type Residential Non-residential

Additional parcel fees (each parcel)

Standard search (LLC1 and CON29) (inc VAT) £83.50 £199.50 £22.00
LLC1 £35.00 £85.00 £10.00
CON29 (inc VAT) £54.00 £120.00 £12.00
CON29O (inc VAT) £12.00 £12.00  
Additional enquiries (unique question/s) (inc VAT) £36.00 £36.00  

Fee changes

Whilst fee changes typically occur at the beginning of a new financial year if a change is intended, we are able to adjust our fees as and when required and therefore fee changes could occur at any time during a year. We would of course ensure that sufficient notice was provided and our website information is up-to-date should this happen.

Regulation 9 Statement

View Ashford Borough Council's Regulation 9 Statement [pdf] 113KB.

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