Setting a Vision for the South of Ashford Garden Community

Setting a Vision for the South of Ashford Garden Community

A series of online focus groups, webinars and surveys were launched in September 2020 providing local people with an opportunity to learn more about the South of Ashford Garden Community and to help shape what these new communities might look like in the future.

What does the future hold for rural Ashford, its towns, villages and the growing communities of new housing? How can this growth be nurtured and sustained for the benefit of all residents, new and old?

By building on tested principles of English garden towns, a vision for the South of Ashford Garden Community can bring together multiple communities and neighbourhoods under a shared sense of governance and stewardship.

The formation of such a vision was seeded back in early 2019 when residents of the South of Ashford, along with businesses, voluntary organisations and local government partners, came together to look at the developments proposed in the area. This was followed by a more in-depth public workshop in the autumn of that year, helping to redraw parts of the masterplan for the area and to produce a series of key themes. View report on SAGC workshop September 2019 [pdf] 6.36MB.

These key themes are the building blocks of a Five Year Vision & Strategy which will guide developments such as Chilmington Green and any future proposed developments within the area as a form of quality control. It will set the bar for quality placemaking, ecological preservation, healthy living and community-led governance.

The aim is for all of the input received to date, to be added to the Vision & Strategy and presented for adoption. Ashford Borough Council, Kent County Council and private developers each need to sign up to this document to ensure a commitment to achieving high quality ambitions for the South of Ashford Garden Community.

Please see a complete timeline to developing the Vision & Strategy on the following page. 

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