Forms and Validation Checklist

If you are unable to use the online services, please use the following application forms and validation checklists when completing an application. The checklists explain what documents may be required to support your application and to make sure that we can move your application through the planning process as soon as we receive it.

Please note that we have recently received advice from Natural England in respect of the nationally and internationally designated protected sites at Stodmarsh lakes, east of Canterbury. This relates to an increased level of nitrogen and phosphorus within the protected sites which is adversely affecting the integrity of the habitat of the lakes.

In line with established case law and the ‘precautionary principle’, Natural England are advising that applications for certain types of development (those where there is any overnight accommodation) within the Stour river catchment and / or which discharge to particular Wastewater Treatment works within the catchment, should be the subject of screening under the Habitat Regulations and, consequently, the undertaking of an appropriate assessment prior to any decision to grant planning permission. Prior to submitting your application you must identify whether your application requires an appropriate assessment to accompany it as failure to provide one where necessary will result in your application being made invalid. Please refer to our nutrient neutrality webpage for further information.

Read guidance on householder applications (works to one house) and how to complete the application and create plans.

Validation checklist

View the validation checklist [pdf] 1124KB.

View the validation checklist matrix [pdf] 196KB.

Planning application forms

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