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Material Amendments

An amendment that cannot be treated as a “non-material amendment” would require a new freestanding planning permission, either by way of a “minor material amendment” to an existing planning permission or by way of a new planning application.

Please submit planning applications via the Planning Portal.

What is a “minor material amendment”?

There are no set criteria to determine what constitutes a “minor material amendment”. However, the Government has defined this type of change as being "one whose scale and nature results in a development which is not substantially different from that which has been approved"

The council consider the following to normally take a development beyond the scope of the permission and will therefore require a fresh application to be submitted:

  • Significant increase in the volume of the building/extension
  • Significant increase in the height of the building/extension
  • Changes which would conflict with a condition on the original approval
  • Additional and/or repositioned windows/doors/openings that will have an impact on neighbouring properties
  • Changes which would alter the description of development from the original application
  • Amendments that would warrant re-consultation either of neighbours, council departments or statutory bodies
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