Non Material Amendments

An application for a “non-material amendment” removes the need for an entirely new planning application to be submitted where only a very small change is sought. Such an application, if approved, would form an amendment to the original planning permission and would be subject to the conditions and time limit of the original permission.
We prefer to receive all such applications via the Planning Portal.

What is a non-material amendment?

Whether or not a proposed amendment is considered to be non-material will depend on the circumstances of the case. There is no statutory definition of ‘non material’. This is because it is so dependant on the context of the overall scheme – what may be non-material in one context may be material in another. The final decision will rest with the council and therefore it is advisable to discuss your proposed amendments with a planning officer, preferably the case officer that dealt with the original application.

Proposals that are not considered to constitute non-material amendments are likely to be treated as a minor material amendment and will require the submission of a variation of condition application or a new planning application.

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