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Discharging Planning Conditions

If a permission is granted subject to conditions then it will be necessary to submit details to the council for approval in order to discharge them. The failure to discharge a condition could stall a development and ultimately lead to enforcement action or invalidate the planning permission.

Submitting a planning application

When you submit an application we prefer they are made via the Planning Portal.


There are a number of different types of conditions, all of which must be discharged:

  • The first condition on a planning permission will normally be one that limits the length of time that the permission is valid. If work is not started within this time the permission will lapse
  • Some conditions must be complied with before development is started
  • Some conditions require further information or details to be submitted and approved before any works start and less often before a new development is occupied
  • Others regulate how the work is undertaken or require actions before a building is occupied or a use commences
  • Some regulate how the completed development is to be used or control possible changes in the future

When further approval is needed

Where information or details need further approval you should submit them to us with the standard form. When doing so ensure:

  • The information submitted must be comprehensive and meet the condition requirements
  • The request should clearly identify the condition number it relates to
  • The appropriate fees must be included