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Outline Applications

Applications for outline planning permission do not contain actual details but are used to obtain permission "in principle". Conditions are usually attached to set out guidelines for the final development of the site. The grant of outline permission is best viewed as the first half of a jigsaw. The second half is the subsequent submission of "reserved matters".

Outline planning applications cannot be made for a change of use.

Outline planning application cannot be submitted for a change of use or for development affecting listed buildings or within a conservation area. In these instances, an application will need to be made for full planning permission accompanied by an application for listed building and/or conservation area consent.

Any application for outline permission must include the following information:

  • Use - the use or uses proposed for the development and any distinct development zones within the site identified
  • Amount of development - the amount of development proposed for each use
  • Indicative layout - with separate development zones proposed within the site boundary as appropriate, the approximate location of buildings, routes and open spaces included in the development proposed
  • Scale parameters - an indication of the upper and lower limits for height, width and length of each building within the site boundary
  • Indicative access points - an area or areas in which the access point or points to the site will be situated

If we do not receive this information we will not be able to register your application and it will not be progressed. You may also need to submit a Design and Access Statement in certain cases.

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