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How do I apply?

From the 1 April 2023 we are changing the way we accept pre application advice requests. We will ONLY be accepting electronic submissions through our new online form. By using this facility it will prompt you to submit the correct supporting information and documents and connect you to our payment platform to pay the necessary fee to make the process a one stop shop. We will no longer accept email requests and users will be re-directed after the 1 April to the online form. The benefits of using the new online form means your application is more likely to be valid at the submission stage if all the requirements are submitted and the form will also give a more streamlined experience for customers.

Please note we will still accept postal submissions but these will taken longer by nature of the process they have to follow, it you wish to submit your request by post then send to;

Ashford Borough Council, Planning & Development, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent TN23 1PL

Pre-app service availability

Advice on the following Pre-Application services are now available:

  • Small majors 10-49 dwellings
  • Large majors 50+ dwellings
  • Strategic Developments in excess of 250 dwellings including mixed uses

Advice on all other Pre-Application services will be introduced at a date to be confirmed.

In order for us to register your pre-application proposal, we will need the following:-

  • The correct fee; Pay for pre-application service
  • Details of the address and the proposals;
  • Description of the nature and scale of the development and use of any buildings concerned;
  • Site location plan with the site of the proposal clearly marked (to a recognised scale, north point, etc);
  • Block plan;
  • Existing and proposed sketch drawings to a recognised scale;
  • Photos – labelled where appropriate (where no site visit is required);
  • Depending on the scale and nature of the proposal, other relevant supporting information such as a design and access statement or access and parking arrangements;
  • Contact details including phone number and email address.


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