Other Planning Guidance

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) support the development plans. All matters covered in SPDs must relate to policies or proposals in the Core Strategy, DPD, AAP or a saved policy from the Local Plan 2000. Ashford has a number of adopted SPD's which are used as material considerations when assessing planning applications.

Affordable Housing SPD

Landscape Character SPD (includes AONB Management Plans)

Residential Parking SPD

Sustainable Design and Construction SPD

Sustainable Drainage (SuDs) SPD

Residential Space & Layout SPD

Public Green Spaces and Water Environment SPD

Dark Skies SPD 2014

Stables, Arena's and Horse related Development SPD 2014

Village Design Statements

If you wish to purchase a hard copy of an SPD please see the Policy Documents Price List.

Fibre to the Premises SPD – Public Consultation now closed

The consultation on the draft Fibre to the Premises SPD has now closed.

This draft SPD provides further details relating to the adopted Local Plan Policy EMP6 (Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)) and how this can be implemented through planning applications.

Now that the consultation has closed, we will review the responses received to inform changes to the draft SPD.

Informal design guidance notes

The council’s corporate and plan-making focus is on creating good quality homes and delivering good design through attention to all aspects of place-making. A series of Informal Guidance Notes has been produced to help ensure that applicants and designers give careful early consideration to certain areas of fine detail that are important to help achieve this objective.

The series will be added to as appropriate over time where it is considered that further guidance is necessary. The success of these Notes will be reviewed as new developments are occupied and monitored.

The notes will be taken into consideration when determining planning proposals for new homes. Proposals that are considered unsatisfactory will not be approved or recommended to the Planning Committee for approval.

Design Guidance Note 1: Residential layouts & wheeled-bins [pdf] 1MB

Design Guidance Note 1 (Appendix 1): 'At a glance' summary sheet [pdf] 506KB

Design Guidance Note 2: Screening containers at homes [pdf] 471KB

Design Guidance Note 3: Moving wheeled-bins through covered parking facilities to the collection point [pdf] 633KB

Supplementary planning guidance
Some of the Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)  that supported the Local Plan 2000 is still available below:

SPG1 - Green Corridor Action Plan 2000 is replaced by the Green Corridor Action Plan 2017(where should this link?).

SPG2 Development Briefs Guidance Notes 2001 [pdf] 3MB

SPG3 Developer Contributions / Planning Obligations 2001 [pdf] 9MB

SPG4 Victoria Road Development Brief [pdf] 9MB

SPG5 Education Contributions arising from Affordable Housing [pdf] 56KB

SPG6 Providing for Transport Needs Arising from South Ashford Study [pdf] 392KB


SPG7 Reuse of Agricultural Buildings [pdf] 3MB

SPG8 Stables and Riding Manege has been replaced by the Stables, Arena's and Horse Related Development SPD

SPG9 Domestic Garages and Outbuildings in urban and rural areas [pdf] 810KB

SPG10 Domestic Extensions in urban and rural areas June 2004 [pdf] 816KB

For further information on any of these documents please call 01233 330229 or planning.policy@ashford.gov.uk

Other approved documents
Cheeseman's Green development brief
Front Cover [pdf] 7MB
Contents [pdf] 97KB
Chapter 1 [pdf] 411KB
Chapter 2 [pdf] 587KB
Chapter 3 [pdf] 3MB
Chapter 4 [pdf] 2MB
Chapter 5 [pdf] 762KB
Chapter 6 [pdf] 1MB
Chapter 7 [pdf] 2MB
Chapter 8 [pdf] 226KB

Ashford Barracks development brief
Front Cover [pdf] 314KB
Foreword & List of Contents [pdf] 150KB
Chapters 1 - 6 [pdf] 3MB
Chapter 7 [pdf] 11MB
Chapter 8 - end [pdf] 10MB

Park Farm development brief
Pages 1-25 [pdf] 5MB
Pages 26-45 [pdf] 4MB
Pages 46-64 [pdf] 4MB
Pages 65-84 [pdf] 5MB
Pages 85-100 [pdf] 3MB

Eureka Park development brief
Eureka Park [pdf] 9MB

For further information on any of these development briefs please email planninghelp@ashford.gov.uk.

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