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The Planning Process

Planning ensures that the right development happens in the right place at the right time, benefitting communities and the economy. It plays a critical role in identifying what development is needed and where, what areas need to be protected or enhanced and in assessing whether proposed development is suitable.

The planning application process can be separated into 6 key stages. The process is largely governed by legislation and is designed to allow the input of expert and interested parties into the decision making process.

What happens to my application process chart. Validation – Has the appropriate information been submitted with the application? If no then further details requested from applicant/agent. If yes then application registered and allocated to planning officer. Details of application published on www.ashford.gov.uk under ‘search planning applications’. Publicity – Immediate neighbours notified (in some cases site and press notices published). Consultation – e.g Highways Authority, Environment Agency, Parish/Town Council (statutory 21 days consultation). Site visit – Application assessed on site by planning officer. Report and recommendation – Proposal assessed in line with planning policy, consultation responses and on its individual merits. If approved then application is granted with appropriate conditions. The decision will then be accepted or there will be an appeal against conditions within 12 weeks of decision. If refused then application is refused with reasons. There will then be an appeal against decision within 12 weeks of decision. You can then resubmit an amended proposal within one year of decision. The decision may then be accepted.