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Public Inquiry – Former Wye College Appeals

National Planning Policy

CD/1 View National Planning Policy Framework.

Local Planning Policy

Development Plan Documents

CD/2 Ashford Local Plan to 2030 [pdf] 20362KB

CD/3 The Wye Neighbourhood Plan 2016 [pdf] 3MB

CD/4 The Examiners report into the Wye Neighbourhood Plan [pdf] 251KB

Supplementary Planning Documents

CD/5a Residential Space and Layout SPD 2011 [pdf] 2MB

CD/5b Residential Parking and Design Guidance SPD 2010 [pdf] 5MB

CD/5c Sustainable Drainage SPD 2010 [pdf[ 5MB

CD/5d Dark skies SPD 2014 [pdf] 2MB

CD/5e Affordable Housing SPD [pdf] 3MB

CD/5f Public Green Spaces and Water Environment SPD 2012 [pdf] 4MB

Informal Guidance

CD/6a Informal Design Guidance Note 1 (2014): Residential layouts and Wheeled bins [pdf] 1MB

CD/6b Informal Design Guidance Note 2 (2014): Screening containers at home [pdf] 471KB

CD/6c Informal Design Guidance Note 3 (2014): Moving wheeled bins through covered parking facilities to the collection point [pdf] 633KB

CD/6d Wye Village Design Statement (2000) [pdf] 7MB

Other Local Guidance/Documents

CD/7 5 Year Housing Land Supply Update 2020-2025 (December 2020) [pdf] 1.5MB

CD/7a Ashford Housing Delivery Action Plan (August 2020) [pdf] 1MB

CD/7b Ashford Housing Delivery Action Plan November 2019- (2019-2024) (December 2019) [pdf] 4MB

CD/8 Tenterden and Rural Sites DPD [pdf] 10546KB

CD/9 Wye Masterplan consultation

CD/10 – Cabinet Report (September 2018) [pdf] 2MB

CD/10a Cabinet Report Minutes (September 2018) [pdf] 134KB

CD/11 – Cabinet Report (October 2019) [pdf] 521KB

CD/11a – Cabinet Report Minutes (October 2019) [pdf] 281KB

Proofs of evidence

View proofs of evidence.

Other Relevant Policy and Guidance

CD/29 Historic Environment

CD/30 Conservation Principles, Policies and Guidance

CD/31 Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning: Managing Significance in Decision taking in the Historic Environment

Relevant Appeal Decisions/Judgements

CD/32 Lavenders Road, West Malling, Kent, Appeal Decision (Appeal Ref: APP/H2265/W/19/3227034) [pdf] 287KB

Documents submitted at the inquiry