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Public Inquiry - Land between Appledore Road and Woodchurch Road, Tenterden

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S.78 Planning Appeal

The Hybrid Application comprising:

a) Outline application for the development of up to 145 residential dwellings (50% affordable) including the creation of access points from Appledore Road (1 x all modes and 1 x emergency, pedestrian, and cycle only) and Woodchurch Road (pedestrian and cycle only), and creation of a network of roads, footways, and cycleways through the site. Provision of open space including children's play areas, community orchard, sustainable drainage systems, landscape buffers and green links all on 12.35 ha of the site. (Matters for approval: Access)


b) Full planning permission for the change of land use from agricultural land to land to be used as a Countryside Open Space (8.66 ha), and land to be used as formal sports pitches (3.33 ha), together with pavilion to serve the proposal and the surrounding area. Including accesses, ancillary parking, pathways, sustainable drainage systems and associated landscaping.

+ Core Documents 1 – Application Documents

It is agreed that the appeal drawings for determination comprise

It is agreed that the following drawings were provided for information/illustration purposes only

+ Core Documents 2 – Planning Policy Documents

Local Plan Examination Documents

+ Core Documents 3 – Previous application for 250 units

Screening for 250 unit scheme

Application drawings and application documents

Statutory Consultee Reps on the 250 unit scheme

Committee Report pertaining to 250 unit scheme

Decision notice pertaining to 250 unit scheme

+ Core Documents 4 – Correspondence pertaining to the appeal scheme

Statutory Consultee reps on the appeal scheme

Correspondence with case officer

Committee Report

+ Core Documents 6 – Miscellaneous

Local applications in Tenterden

Local applications in Ashford borough

Other appeal decisions


Additional appeal decisions

Case Law