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Garden Waste Route Changes

Biffa and Ashford Borough Council are making changes to the Garden Waste collection service routes which will affect some of our households as of the 21st September 2020.

These changes will ensure that the service can remain both reliable and cost-effective and that the collection vehicles follow the most efficient routes allowing for the continued growth and expansion of the service.

How will I know when my collection will be made?+

Every household who will be effected by a change to their collection day will have received a letter informing them of their new collection day. The letter is important as it will show which day households should present their garden waste brown bins for collection from 21st September 2020.

I didn’t get a letter but my friend did, why?+

Only those subject to change have received a letter. If you are in doubt then please check the Find Your Collection page.

When do the route changes start?+

The new collection routes will start as of Monday 21st September 2020.

My new collection is over 2 weeks away, will you be collecting my garden waste at all during this time? +

If the change to your collection day means that there are more than 17 days between your collections, then we will provide an interim collection. If you are one of those affected the additional collection date is confirmed on the letter you have received

I made a mistake and put my bin out on the wrong day, what now?+

Are you able to wait until the next collection day? Our resources are stretched at the moment and one of the key reasons why rounds were altered. If you cannot wait then please call customer services on 01233 331111.

Will collection frequencies be changing? +

No, collection frequencies are not affected. Once the day change has been completed the collection of your garden waste will continue on your new day every two weeks. Place your bin out by 6am on the collection day and please do not overfill.

Are you changing what we can put in bins? +

There will be no changes to what you can put in your bins.
If you would like to check when your waste collections are, then please use the Find Your Collection page.
If you wish to speak to someone about these changes please contact customer services on 01233 331111
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