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Keeping Kent Clean

Our appreciation campaign

Ashford Borough Council and every local authority in Kent (excluding Medway) are coming together to showcase the work our waste and street cleaning teams carry out.

Waste and street cleaning teams from each of the 13 councils in Kent worked constantly throughout lockdown earlier this year but as key workers they are sometimes overlooked. Our appreciation campaign aims to highlight the work the teams do and the tasks they undertake every day to keep the streets clean and safe.

Show your appreciation

Do you want to show your appreciation for our waste and street cleaning teams? Why not start by colouring in one of the below posters and displaying them somewhere our teams can see them? Or share them on social media using the #KeepKentClean? Don’t forget to tag us in your creations too!

Bin Crew Appreciation Adult A4 Poster [pdf] 245KB

Bin Crew Appreciation Child A4 Poster [pdf] 160KB

Find out all about the hard work our waste and street cleaning teams do to keep Kent clean each week by watching the following video:

The below video shows you a typical working day for our waste and street cleaning crews.
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