Sustainability Appraisals

To ensure that all the plans and guidance we prepare for the future of the borough are sustainable we are required to see if they have any significant social, economic or environmental impact. This page contains the Sustainability Appraisal reports prepared for the Local Development Framework. Each document has to go through a number of stages.

Stages of the sustainability process

Stage 1: Gathering Evidence - Scoping Report - Making sure we have the right information and we know what the issues are.

Stage 2: Preparing the Plan - Preferred Options Report - Starting to write the plan and looking at the options and effects of the plan.

Stage 3: Submitting the Plan - Sustainability Appraisal Report Publishing the outcomes of the Sustainability Appraisal process.

Stage 4: Adoption and Monitoring

All our DPD's, and AAP's have undertaken this process. The combined SA for the main Area Specific DPD's and AAP's can be found below with the final SA for each plan.

SA Combined Scoping Report (Feb 2007) [pdf] 134KB

Core Strategy Sustainability Report/Appraisal [pdf] 5MB

Ashford Town Centre Area Action Plan Sustainability Appraisal [pdf] 2MB
Please email for appendices

Tenterden and Rural Sites DPD Sustainability Appraisal [pdf] 8MB

Urban Sites & Infrastructure DPD Final SA - Dec 2010 [pdf] 1MB
Urban Sites SA Map [pdf] 2MB
Sustainability Appraisal update Urban Sites - Oct 2011[pdf] 100KB
FINAL Addendum to SA Urban Sites DPD - Feb 2012 [pdf] 115KB

View the Chilmington Green AAP Sustainability Appraisal

Supplementary planning documents sustainability appraisal

We prepared a number of Supplementary Planning Documents which provide further guidance to deliver our planning policies. A combined Sustainability Appraisal was undertaken in 2007 to assess these.

SA Combined Scoping Report for SPDs February 2007 [pdf] 306KB

Amended sustainability appraisal tasks

In February 2007 the council consulted with the statutory environmental consultation bodies on the Scoping Report for a number of SPD's and DPD's identified above. Following comments received, the Sustainability Appraisal Framework as well as Task A1 and A2 were reviewed and updated.

To view these amended sections please email