The Borough Arms and Twinning

Ashford's Civic Beacon

The Ashford Borough Coat of ArmsThe Borough Arms

The Ashford motto, With Stronger Faith, is a phrase adapted from the poem Lucasta, Going to the Warres by Richard Lovelace, the 17th century Cavalier poet and a member of the Lovelace family of the village Bethersden, in the Ashford Borough. This phrase appropriately expresses the aspirations and determination of the borough council, and is reflected in the town centre bandstand, as well as the new Civic Beacon which was unveiled in the park opposite the Civic Centre in 2018.

The first of its kind for Ashford Town Centre, the Civic Beacon will be a permanent memorial dedicated to the memory of Richard Lovelace and his historic connection with Ashford. The beacon itself will become a notable landmark, representing civic pride and the heartbeat of the community; a physical monument that can be used to unite people in times of celebration and on more sombre times of national commemoration.

For a detailed description of the Borough Arms, download the Borough Arms leaflet [pdf] 114kb.


Ashford is proud of its strong links with its European twin towns of Bad Münstereifel in Germany and Fougères in France, and its most recent alliance with Hopewell, Virginia, USA.

Links with Bad Münstereifel go back to the early 20th century, although the formal twinning did not take place 

until 26 August 1964. The Fougères connection began with a liaison amicale in 1978, followed by an official ceremony in 1984.

The link with Hopewell began on 16 April 1994 when, at a ceremony in Virginia, the Mayors of Ashford and Hopewell recognised the historic relationship between the two communities and established a concordat which preceded a formal twinning five years later.

Tenterden is twinned with Avallon in the Burgundy region of France while the village of Hamstreet is twinned with Thérouanne in France.

Twinning associations

The Ashford Twinning Association organises visits both to and from Bad Münstereifel and Fougères during the year and is always pleased to introduce people to Ashford's European twin towns.

The Friends of Hopewell Association, in pioneering the friendship and historic relationship, has succeeded, together with its partners in Hopewell, in creating one of the strongest links between any two communities in Great Britain and the United States.

Twinning contacts

Ashford Twinning Association

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Friends of Hopewell Association

Mark Whitling / 07900 263620

Or visit the Friends of Hopewell Association's Website