Aspire Landscape Management FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the service

What does Aspire Landscape Management cover?

The service covers the day-to-day work of mowing, pruning, planting, clearing and litter picking on various spaces owned by the council including open green space, parks, floral beds, cemeteries, areas around housing sites, hedges, sports pitches and associated footpaths.

How can I report land or areas which need attention?

Please contact Aspire Landscape Management.

How can I establish who owns the land?

As a general rule of thumb, grass verges along the road side are owned by Kent Highway Services, in most cases they commission Ashford Borough Council to maintain them. High speed roads over 60 miles per hour tend to be the responsibility of Highways England, who also maintain them.

Will you be able to maintain privately owned land too?

Only if we receive permission from the land owner to do so and to access their land. It is important to note there are large areas of land which the council does not own and therefore we are not able to maintain these areas.

Where land is not being maintained and falls out of the responsibility of Ashford Borough Council, will you use enforcement plans to force the owners to comply?

The enforcing authority is Kent Highway Services who receive reports via their website.

Where did you come up with the name?

We wanted a name which was engaging and meaningful. This links to Priority 4 in our Corporate Plan and matches the aspirations of members to improve the presentation of the borough. The name and branding was created in-house.

You can also download our Aspire LM FAQ leaflet [pdf] 425KB.