Air Quality

We are a member of the Kent and Medway Air Quality Partnership. This is where data and information about air quality throughout Kent is collected and shared.

The borough has a network of diffusion tubes. These are small plastic tubes that absorb pollutants, which are then sent to the laboratory for analysis. The results gathered provide monthly averages.

You can view the historical Kent data at the KentAir website

If you wish to view educational material relating to air quality please visit Kent and Medway Care for Air

What is the air quality like in Ashford borough?

As well as monitoring air quality we have a statutory duty to periodically review the air quality in the area. This involves comparing the measured and predicted pollutant levels against national air quality standards and objectives.

The most current report can be viewed below by clicking on the appropriate download. The report identifies that the air quality objectives for both particulates and nitrogen dioxide are being achieved. 

Current Report

Historic Reports

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