Infectious Diseases

Picture of road sign pointing to hospital.General practitioners and hospital doctors who diagnose certain diseases and illnesses are required to notify the local Environmental Health Service in whose area the patient lives. This is a legal requirement.

We are either notified directly by a doctor or via Public Health England (PHE).

Depending what the illness is, we may contact the person either by phone, by writing to them or through a personal visit. We do this to:

  • Find the source of the illness
  • Make sure no-one else is affected or could be affected so that it won’t spread
  • See if it’s linked to a larger known outbreak or to a business, for example, a restaurant in the case of food poisoning

To find out which illnesses and diseases have to be notified to us and for more information about infectious diseases visit the PHE website.

If you think you have food poisoning or an infectious illness you should go to your doctor first.

Further information

Food poisoning

Read our food poisoning advice.

Legionnaire’s Disease

E.coli, leisure farms and animal attractions

Visit for information on how to avoid infection on farm visits.

Contact us

Email the Environmental Health team.