Residential Parking Permits

Before you apply

Only certain properties and businesses can apply for a permit (business permits are only available to qualifying businesses in zones D, E and F). Qualifying properties and businesses are those that were in place at the time that the relevant zone was made.

These rules are stated in the terms and conditions (each applicant would need to agree to as part of the application process). The relevant terms and conditions for each zone can be found below.

N.B. If the property (or business) does not qualify for a permit under these rules, we would not be able to issue a permit. Moreover, we cannot consider applications if there has been a change of use after the point that the zone was created (for example, from a business to a private residence).

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Terms and conditions

1. RPP Zone A&B T&Cs June 2018 [pdf] 161KB

2. RPP Zone D & E T&Cs GDPR June 2018 [pdf] 161KB

3. RPP Zone F T&Cs June 2018 [pdf] 164KB

4. RPP Zone G T&Cs June 2018 [pdf] 158KB


Before we can consider issuing a resident or business permit we would need to see a proof of residence at a qualifying address and a proof of vehicle ownership (proof of business if relevant). You will be asked to provide these during the application process.

Full details are given with the terms and conditions of use that form part of the application process.

Proof of residence (examples)

  • Lease agreement showing the applicant as residing at the relevant address for longer than six months
  • Proof of property purchase with vacant possession
  • Bank, council tax or utility bill showing the applicant residing at the residential address, issued within three months of the current date

Proof of vehicle ownership (examples)

  • V5C full document - we cannot accept a new owner slip as proof of vehicle ownership
  • Certificate of Motor Insurance showing the applicant as the policy holder
  • Proof from lease company or similar showing that the applicant is the main driver of the vehicle

N.B. These categories are not closed, so please contact, detailing what evidence you can provide, and we can advise you.


When applying for a resident or business permit please allow time for your application to be processed.

Unless (or until) you have a valid permit on display in your vehicle you would be expected to abide by the parking restrictions.

Your permit will be posted to you within five working days, following receipt of your correctly completed application form, the requested documentation and payment of the relevant charge.

Fortunately, we normally deal with these matters far more swiftly, but this does often rely on the correct paperwork being submitted and payment being made.


During our investigations it may be necessary to ask for further information. This may be frustrating, but we are expected to ensure that only those who should qualify for a permit are issued with one. Without such attention it is most likely that there would be increased pressure on already finite spaces within the zones.

Permit(s) issued already? We sometimes receive applications from new residents who have moved into a property where the previous resident has moved out without informing Parking Services. This can then show that the applicant is applying for a permit where the maximum allowance has already been issued.

In these circumstances we need to ask the new applicant to provide evidence that the previous permit holder had vacated the property. Letting agents can provide such evidence, whilst homeowners will be able to show that the purchase was made with 'vacant possession' (this is a standard clause in the contract).


If you renew the permit within the valid period for the existing permit you will not need to show the proofs again. If you change address or vehicle, new proofs will be necessary.

Once a permit expires you may find that online renewal is not possible. If you find this is the case you would need to make a new application, and we would ask for proofs.

Changes to current permit/temporary circumstances

  • If you are changing a vehicle
  • Using a temporary vehicle
  • Have any queries

Get in touch with, during office hours, so that we can advise you.

Visitor permits

Temporary visitors parking permits can be purchased by residents and some businesses for £1 each.

In order to obtain visitor permits you would need to show proof that you are a resident of a qualifying property within the relevant zone. Proof of address would be a bank, council tax or utility bill showing the residential address, issued within three months of the current date.

Where to buy them?

Visitor Permits can be purchased from Ashford Borough Council Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent TN23 1PL, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.

Please note that visitor permits are for bona fide visitors only (Ashford Borough Council will monitor pattern of purchases to try to ensure that this system is not abused). They are not to be used by residents in lieu of a resident parking permit (please see the advice above about changes to current permits).

Residential off-street parking permit scheme

Important information: The Residential Off-Street Parking Permit Scheme has now closed; no new applications will be accepted. This is due to the building works taking place in Dover Place car park as part of the proposed Commercial Quarter development. All existing permit holders can continue to use their permits in the short term until notified otherwise. If you have any questions please email

Privacy Notice

Ashford Borough Council is the data controller for any personal information collected in this application. Your information will be used to administrate the Residents or Business Parking Permit Scheme, processing is being conducted relying upon a contractual legal basis. Your data may be shared with other departments within the council for the purpose of improving services, keeping records up-to-date and for the protection of the public fund. It may also share your data with other bodies responsible for auditing public funds for these purposes. You can find further information about data sharing to identify fraud at Your information will be retained as long as you remain entitled to hold a Residents or Business Parking Permit +7years. For more information about your data protection rights please see the council's Data Protection pages or contact the Data Protection Officer at, The Data Protection Officer, Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford TN23 1PL.