Ashford Green Corridor

Victoria ParkAshford's Green Corridor is made up of parks, recreation grounds and other green spaces alongside the rivers that flow through Ashford. It runs through the centre of Ashford, from the M20 through to the Ford in South Ashford.

It covers The Queen Mother's Park, the Civic (previously North) and South Parks at the Stour Centre, Bowen's Field, Victoria Park and Watercress Field.

The Great Stour floodplain runs through urban Ashford and provides valuable green space and wildlife habitats. Most of this area is designated as a local nature reserve, and supports wildlife including voles, kingfishers and bats.

Not only does the land offer excellent recreational space, but being adjacent to the River Stour is a major area of flood protection. Any development proposed in this area has to have the agreement of the Environment Agency, the responsible authority for flood protection.

Visit the Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership for more information.