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Glass Items

Sauce jars, milk bottles, jam jars and wine bottles are just some of the household items you can put in your green recycling bin. Did you know that they can be recycled into not only brand new glass products, but also wool insulation for homes?

Our residents are doing an excellent job at recycling. In October 2014, Ashford quadrupled its recycling rates, leaping more than 300 places in DEFRA's recycling league table.

We are keener than ever to continue this fantastic work and encourage residents to carry on recycling their household waste. Recycling more glass objects from around your home is a great way you can continue supporting Ashford's recycling initiative and make the borough a more eco-friendly place to live.

From Pyrex dishes to perfume bottles, it can be difficult to know which glass items can and cannot go in your green recycling bin, so we've created a handy graphic to help you out.

What you can and can't recycle. On left. You can recycle:, beverage, wine, beer and cooking oil bottles, glass containers, jam and sauce jars. You can't recycle window panes, light bulbs, glass ovenware such as pyrex, drinking or reading glasses, glass electricals, perfume bottles, mirror glass, broken bottles or vases, makeup bottles or vases. Tips ask you to clean your recycling, remove corks and lids and don't break the glass.


The Recycling Journey

Have you ever wondered how glass is recycled? Believe it or not, it goes on quite a journey before reappearing back on the shelf at your local supermarket.

image showing the cycle of glass recycling: 1) purchase 2) usage and throwing in bin 3) collection and sorting 4) smelting 5) melted and moulded in to new products 6) sent back to shops 7) it can go through the cycle again and again

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