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Hard Plastics

Plastic is one of the most popular and useful materials of today, we now use around 20 times more plastic than we did 50 years ago. Luckily, we can increase the lifespan of plastics by recycling items as many times as possible.

Ashford as a whole has been doing a fantastic job at recycling and we are delighted with how enthusiastic residents have been with the new initiative.

With our recycling figures at their highest, we want to continue this fantastic work and encourage the community to carry on recycling more of their household waste. So let’s work together to create an even cleaner, greener and greater Ashford!

There are many ways you can continue supporting Ashford’s recycling initiative and make the borough a more eco-friendly place to live. Do your bit for the environment by backing Pledge4Plastics, a new government supported initiative which aims to encourage UK residents to recycle more plastics from rooms all over the house.

How to recycle plastic from all around your home

Even certain electrical materials can be recycled. Items such as electric toothbrushes, mobile phones and electronic toys can be reused provided they are placed in a tied carrier bag, next to your refuse bin.

It can sometimes be confusing knowing which items are recyclable. Firstly, it’s important to not limit recycling to only kitchen items because more than just food packaging can be recycled! A range of materials from rooms all over your house can be reused.

In the bathroom for example, items including bleach bottles, mouth wash bottles and shower gel containers can be recycled.

Not sure what you can and can’t recycle? Below is a handy graphic to help you out.

Bathroom plastics

When it comes to recycling items from your bedroom, remember things like empty face moisturiser bottles can go in your recycling bin.

And in the kitchen, you can reuse plastic cooking oil bottles, kitchen cleaning bottles and even clean plastic yoghurt pots.

Kitchen Recycling


Pledge4Plastics is a national initiative supported by organisations including Defra, Coca Cola, Nestle and Marks & Spencer Plc.

Capturing plastic items from all over your home will not only increase recycling performance for the borough, but also has a host of positive environmental advantages including saving energy, conserving resources, protecting the environment and reducing waste to landfill.

Help Ashford become a greener place to live and by making a pledge to recycle just one more bottle a day. Every item counts so why not get involved and visit: www.pledge4plastics.co.uk/pledge.

You can also back Pledge4Plastics by liking them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/pledge4plastics/.

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