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Drinks cans and food tins are just some of the metal products in our homes which can be recycled. Did you know that aluminium cans are recycled into road signs, and steel tins can be reused to make paper clips, bicycle frames and even train tracks?

By recycling more metal objects from around your home, you’re protecting the environment, contributing to less landfill and conserving raw materials used to make new products. What’s more, you’re helping Ashford become a greener and more eco-friendly place to live.

Below is a useful graphic with everything you need to know about recycling metal.

Recycling metals

Top tips when recycling metal

  • Give your tins, cans and foil wrappers a quick rinse to remove any remnants of food
  • Squash or compress items to make more room in your bin
  • Where possible, please remove the labels on tins and cans and place them in your green bin
  • Fully remove the sharp lid from ring-pull cans and place them back in the empty can

Do the scrunch test!

An easy way to tell if an item is made from foil or metalised plastic film is to do the scrunch test. Scrunch the item in your hand – if it remains scrunched, it means the item is made from foil which can be recycled. If it springs open, it is likely to be metalised plastic film which cannot be recycled.


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