Abandoned Trolleys

Abandoned trolleys can be an issue in the areas surrounding supermarkets. Although not a major problem for our borough as a whole, they look unsightly and can lead to anti-social behaviour.

In the first instance of finding or seeing an abandoned trolley we would suggest you contact the supermarket directly as they will normally arrange for the trolley to be collected within a week. There is a list of telephone numbers below which may be useful.

Helpful telephone numbers

Below are the contact telephone numbers for the main supermarkets in the Ashford/Tenterden areas.

Supermarket contact numbers
Supermarket name Telephone number
 ASDA Ashford  01233 655000
 Sainsbury Ashford  01233 610841
 Tesco Crooksfoot  0845 6779008
 Tesco Park Farm  0845 6779011
 Tesco Tenterden  0845 6779803
 Waitrose Ashford  01233 660082
 Waitrose Tenterden  01580 765168