The Year of the Environment

2019 is the Year of the Environment!


2019 is a year of celebration of our environment and a chance for us all to work together to make a positive change to this planet. 

In the aftermath of Blue Planet 2, the UK experienced what was coined ‘the David Attenborough effect’. The public became more aware of our actions and the consequences they have for the planet. Plastic was in the news frequently, selected coffee shops started charging for disposable cups and bars and pubs started switching to paper straws.

This year will be a demonstration that together we can improve the environment through collective action. It provides an opportunity to generate momentum, as we see more people from all backgrounds taking action to improve the planet. Ashford Borough Council is very excited to be delivering various events, campaigns and initiatives throughout the year to support these causes and promote the environment. Our aim is to have Ashford connect, protect and enhance the environment. Each event will be centred on one or more of our five key themes:

  • Recycle – encourage residents to waste less and recycle more
  • Clean – keep Ashford clean by tackling litter and encourage residents to get involved with volunteer schemes
  • Grow – encourage residents to grow fruit and veg in their own homes, gardens and allotment sites
  • Nature – encourage residents to use parks and open spaces in the borough whilst encouraging wildlife and biodiversity
  • Air – encourage residents to use active transport to reduce pollution and improve health and well-being

We're planning numerous events throughout the year from litter picks, implementing the refill scheme, along with a big art project in conjunction with Create Festival (with plastic being the main theme). January saw tree planting take place in Civic Park and during February, the month of love, we talked sustainable living and how we can love our planet during day to day life with our Love your Planet campaign. Head over to our blog to read about the 'Love your Planet' campaign that ran throughout February.

From 22 March 2019 to 23 April 2019 the Great British Spring Clean will be in full force! We're holding our own volunteer litter pick on Saturday 23 March at 10am. Head over to our GBSC page to read more about it.


We're also looking to champion Ashford's eco-warriors with the launch of our Environmental Achievement Awards to celebrate those who are already campaigning for our environment and go above and beyond.