Gender pay gap

We welcome the Government’s requirement for large organisations to be more transparent on gender pay, and will use this opportunity to nurture our culture of supporting women in the workplace, ensuring success is defined by talent, not gender or circumstance.

31 March 2017 calculations and supporting narrative [pdf] 206KB

31 March 2018 calculations and supporting narrative [pdf] 136KB

Senior salaries

Organisation chart

  • Annual publication of structure chart for the top three levels of the organisation (as at April 2019)

Download structure chart 2019 [pdf] 32KB

Please note that blue boxes indicate that the post is a manager. Their post is then replicated on the chart if they line manage posts with a salary in excess of £50k.

For details of job descriptions and structure charts for each service including salary bands and details of vacant posts please see our 'how we are organised' page.

Pay policy statement

Under the Localism Act 2011, Section 38 (1), local authorities are required to publish a pay policy statement. Ashford Borough Council's Cabinet approved this on 8th March 2018 and Council adopted this on 19th April 2018.

To view this, and other contextual documents please download the documents from the list below:

Lease cars

A number of job roles at Ashford Borough Council are considered to be essential car users. This may be for recruitment purposes or, more likely, because the role requires frequent use of a car as part of the usual business activities required to fulfil the role. For example, a planning officer will be required to visit sites or housing officer tenants potentially on a daily basis.

As part of their remuneration package, individuals who fill any such roles are provided with the option of either taking part in the lease car scheme or choosing a cash alternative. The amount is the same irrespective of the option taken up.

If the use of a car is essential to the job role Ashford Borough Council, like many other local organisations, feel it is right to offer some form of remuneration to cover such activities.

The lease car option has the advantage of offering the council greater assurance that the cars used by its officers to conduct council business are maintained to appropriate standards, insured for business use and are always available.

An essential car user who has opted to participate in the lease car scheme is free to make their own individual personal choice as to what car to lease. Should the car come back at an annual lease higher than the lease car allowance, then the individual officer would personally make up any shortfall themselves – this is NOT at the expense of the council.

The following document lists the makes and models of the 29 lease cars leased by ABC officers, as of 20/11/2018 – Download our lease cars list 20-Nov-18 [xlsx] 10KB