Tree Management

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Ash Dieback

Ashford Borough Council are committed to supporting agencies and partners in the response to this disease. Defra and the Forestry Commission have led on the response to Ash Dieback and a link to the DEFRA action plan may be found on the Ash Tree dieback management plan.

Further information regarding Ash Dieback may be found on the Forestry Commission website, including what to do if you suspect a case of the disease and examples of the signs providing advice that are being posted on council-owned woodlands.

A summary of the current best practices for managing Chalara Ash Dieback in Kent is available to download Ash Dieback Kent Guidance [pdf] 478KB.

Tree management in Ashford

Most trees in public ownership are owned either by Ashford Borough Council or by Kent Highways. In some areas, trees may also be owned by Parish Councils.Forest View

Generally, if a tree is in a footway, shrub or grassed area immediately next to a road, it is likely that the tree will be owned by Kent Highways.

Problems or faults may be reported by telephoning the call centre on 03000 41 81 81 or by filling out the online report a problem form.

If a tree is located in a grassed or shrub area within a park or housing development it is likely to be the responsibility of Ashford Borough Council.

If you wish to make a report or an enquiry regarding an Ashford Borough Council tree please complete a tree report/enquiry form.

If a tree is in a dangerous condition and is an immediate and real risk to people or property please telephone 01233 331111

Tree protection

These webpages will help you understand the basic legislation and procedures relating to trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders or those which are Trees in Conservation Areas.

Other tree related information is also available on our Tree Surgeons, Veteran Trees and Ancient Woodland pages.