Town Centre Consultation

Ashford town centre consultation; image shows the CGI of Elwick Place

The Ashford town centre consultation has now closed but we'd like to thank you all for sharing your views.

To read the report of findings from the consultation, please see The Future of Ashford – consultation findings [pdf] 5126KB

Ashford is changing

High streets up and down the country are facing challenging times with the increase in online shopping and the need to offer something beyond just a shopping experience. Here in Ashford we know residents want more from their town centre and the good news is there are many changes taking place or in the pipeline.

Our ambition is to build on Ashford’s heritage as a market town, one that makes the most of its unique location, international connections and strong community spirit – a modern market town. But it’s not just about words and grand visions – it’s about action.

Ashford town centre – now, coming soon and in the future

We've created three maps to showcase the developments around Ashford's town centre. To see them in greater detail, just click on each map and they will then open up within a new window.

Map 1 - What's happening now (this year)

A map of Ashford town centre showing what is happening now (this year)

Map 2 - What's coming soon (within the next 3 years)

A map of Ashford town centre showing what is coming soon (within the next three years)

Map 3 - What we would like to see in the future

A map of Ashford town centre showing what we would like to see in the future

Check out these short videos showing the three major projects coming soon...

The Coachworks:

Kent Wool Growers:

Mecca Bingo Site: