Healthy Weight

Healthy weight and tackling obesity has been identified by the Ashford Health and Wellbeing Board as a priority because it is concerned that Ashford has:

  1. More 10-11 year olds overweight than the England average
  2. More 4-5 years olds overweight than the England average
  3. More physically inactive adults than the England average
  4. More adults with excess weight than the England average
  5. Fewer women breastfeeding than the England average

Healthy weight is not just a social lifestyle issue; it is also linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoarthritis and breast, colon and endometrial cancer.

Healthy weight in Ashford

These factsheets include statistics about healthy weight and obesity in Ashford and the work Ashford Health and Wellbeing Board are supporting to improve healthy weight. Click on the images below for further information.

Healthy Weight in Ashford July 2016 factsheet.Healthy Weight in Ashford January 2017 factsheet.