If you live alone or someone you care for does, do you worry what would happen in an emergency?

What is Ashford Lifeline?

Ashford Lifeline is a 24 hour service providing an instant response at the touch of a button.

Our service gives you a personal security system at your home enabling you to live or work independently and safely.

How does Ashford Lifeline work?

You may need to use an alarm when you can’t get to the phone due to injury, when feeling unwell, having suffered a fall or if there is an intruder. The alarm is there for any emergency situation when you need some help.

By pressing your alarm button a signal is sent to the Ashford Lifeline Call Centre to be answered by our team of fully trained operators. The system automatically identifies where the call has come from and a microphone in the system will allow you to talk to our operators. They will be able to act on your behalf, which could be calling the emergency services, letting a family member, friend or neighbour know when something is wrong or just discussing your situation and offering advice.

How much does it cost?

The service is easy to set up with flexible payment plans available.

Short term options are also available (e.g. home from hospital support).

Ashford Lifeline is part of Ashford Borough Council. Having over 25 years’ experience managing a community alarm service you can be sure you and your loved ones are in safe hands.

Want to know more?

To see how the Ashford Lifeline service works in more detail download the Lifeline brochure [pdf] 11819KB or visit what is Lifeline?

View our Lifeline Annual Report 2018-19 [pdf] 837KB.

Visit our Lifeline products page for further information on specific sensors and equipment.

Alternatively, contact Ashford Lifeline to make an enquiry.