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Ashford is a beautiful place and we all need to do our bit to look after the borough. By working together we can maintain local pride and protect our environment and countryside for the enjoyment of everyone.

Residents can do their bit by reporting issues such as fly-tipping, littering, dog fouling, vandalism, anti-social behaviour or planning enforcement issues via our website. The council will make sure it targets the minority who spoil things for the majority by taking a firm but fair approach to enforcement.

The council’s five year corporate plan includes a commitment to ensuring that enforcement powers are used effectively and to strengthening the approach to enforcement by taking a tougher line on compliance and in May 2016 Cabinet endorsed an overall policy.

The enforcement policy sets out the council’s general approach where there is enforcement responsibility. It sets out the fair and proportionate approach the council will take but also makes it clear the seriousness with which it will pursue those who knowingly and deliberately flout controls, or seek to deceive or defraud the council.