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Funding Priorities

  • Projects that deliver recreational, social or cultural activities for people outside of school hours.
    E.g. youth clubs, social clubs, sports clubs, film or theatre clubs, community engagement activities, local events and festivals, play areas, art projects.
  • Projects that provide high quality community and neighbourhood facilities.
    E.g. new build or refurbishment of community halls, sports halls and other community buildings and equipment.
  • Projects that encourage healthier and more active people and communities.
    E.g., purchase of sports and exercise equipment, sports club development.
  • Projects that enhance the local environment or open spaces for wider community use and enjoyment.
    E.g. Local maintenance and conservation schemes, community allotments, play areas, cycle paths, outdoor recreation.
  • Projects that reduce or off set the carbon footprint and increase the efficient use of resources.
    E.g. local tree planting schemes, replacing inefficient lighting or heating systems.