Openreach Trial

Godinton Park – works affecting the pavements – w/c 11 February 2019

Openreach will be undertaking a micro duct installation trial, a UK first, which will take place in stages for a period of approximately 12 weeks, throughout the following roads:

  • East Lodge Road
  • Hornbeam Close
  • Poplar Close
  • Lime Close
  • Cedar Close

160 properties in total will benefit from the free installation and those residents affected by this will have received the following letter Openreach trial - residents letter - 31 January 2019 [pdf] 297KB.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the works for? - Openreach will be undertaking a UK first trial, installing micro ducts to provide fibre direct to properties. In order to do so, they need to excavate the highway including digging trenches to lay cables to connect to homes.

How long will the works take? - The current estimated timescale is 12 weeks, with works due to begin w/c 11 February 2019. Check for further details.

What does this all mean for me? What about my exiting service provision? - If you have a contracted package with a service provider then nothing will change unless you sign up to FTTP via a service provider. All residents will have a live fibre allocated to their property but this does not mean that they have to sign up to a fibre package, everything will stay the same on the existing copper feed.

Will residents have access to their driveways or paths during the works? - Yes, the Openreach team will always allow access to properties. If residents let the team know when they require access, they will accommodate their needs.

What happens on bin collection days? - Biffa have been made aware of the installation dates and the Openreach team will be happy to assist with the movement of any bins if they’re working near to your property on collection dates, if required.

Why has Openreach put spray paint on the pavement? - For safety, Openreach have to mark out existing utilities in the ground or where they intend to locate cabinets. The spray paint is biodegradable so will fade with time.

Why aren’t trench lines straight? - When Openreach lay their cables, they have to go around existing utilities and tree roots and also try to avoid where the quality of the existing pavement is poor.

Noise issues - Openreach aims to keep the noise to a minimum and will rarely work in the evenings or at night. Inevitably, due to the nature of the work, some noise is unavoidable.

There has been mud and mess left in the area - Due to the nature of the works, some mess is unavoidable. However, Openreach will endeavour to keep the area as neat and tidy as possible. If residents have concerns, they should make this known to the team on-site so that they can take any appropriate cleansing action.

Quality of the works - Openreach have a compliance team that ensures their operatives on-site deliver the quality of works that meets the national legislative requirement. Kent County Council undertakes random inspections of the works within 6 months of them being completed.

What if a resident wishes to complain about the works? - Kent County Council will respond accordingly, however, you may also raise the complaint with Openreach directly on 07889 039949.