Upcoming Elections

Elections to be held on 6 May 2021

The deadline to register to vote for these elections is Monday 19 April 2021. 

If you would like to apply for a postal vote or proxy vote (where you appoint someone to vote on your behalf) you will need to download and fill in an application form. The deadline to apply for a postal vote or make changes to an existing postal or proxy vote for these elections is 5pm on Tuesday 20 April 2021. 

Postal Vote Application Form

Proxy Vote Application Form

For more information on elections and how to vote please visit the Electoral Commission website.

Find out more about the Police and Crime Commissioner elections

Find out more about Kent County Council elections

Election Notices for elections on 6 May 2021

Police and Crime Commissioner

PCC Statement of Persons Nominated

PCC Notice of Election Agents

PCC Notice of Election [pdf] 761KB

Kent County Council 

KCC Statement of Persons Nominated (SOPN)

Ashford Central Division SOPN [pdf] 91KB

Ashford East Division SOPN [pdf] 92KB

Ashford Rural East Division SOPN [pdf] 90KB

Ashford Rural South Division SOPN [pdf] 91KB

Ashford Rural West Division SOPN [pdf] 91KB

Ashford South Division SOPN [pdf] 91KB

Tenterden Division SOPN [pdf] 91KB

KCC Notice of Election Agents (NOEA)

Ashford Central Division NOEA [pdf] 88KB

Ashford East Division NOEA [pdf] 90KB

Ashford Rural East Division NOEA [pdf] 88KB

Ashford Rural South Division NOEA [pdf] 89KB

Ashford Rural West Division NOEA [pdf] 90KB

Ashford South Division NOEA [pdf] 89KB

Tenterden Division NOEA [pdf] 89KB

KCC Notice of Election [pdf] 96KB

Beaver Ward

Beaver Ward Statement of Persons Nominated [pdf] 26KB

Beaver Ward Notice of Election Agents [pdf] 24KB

Beaver Ward Notice of Election [pdf] 91KB

Chilham Parish

Chilham Parish Statement of Persons Nominated [pdf] 25KB

Chilham Parish Notice of Election [pdf] 91KB

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