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Street Collections

Organisations or individuals that want to collect money or sell articles for charity need to apply for a street collection permit [pdf] 66KB.

Only one cash collection is permitted in the town centre at any one time, and only on a Friday or Saturday. A charity can only apply for one date within a six month period.

The collection date needs to be booked with us before the application form is submitted. Applications should be made at least two weeks before the date of the collection. There is no charge for a street collection permit.

After the collection has been held, a street collection form of statement [pdf] 56KB needs to be submitted.

If you would like to book a date contact Licensing.

Street collections FAQs
Questions Answers
When can I hold a (cash) street collection in Ashford town centre? Permits are available for Fridays and Saturdays. Email Licensing with the proposed date. Dates do get booked up well in advance.
When can I hold a street collection in Tenterden town centre? Permits are available every day of the week. Email licensing@ashford.gov.uk with the proposed date.
How many times can I hold a street collection? The same charity is only permitted to collect twice a year.
Once the date has been agreed what do I need to do? Complete an application form [pdf] 62kb and submit with a permission letter from the charity.
What happens after the collection? You need to complete a form of statement (above) and send to licensing, detailing how much was collected.
Can children collect?  Collectors must be aged 16 or over.
Can I hold a street collection to raise funds for me to participate in a charity event?  No, any funds raised must be donated to the charity in question.


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