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Transparency: Ashford Borough Council


Ashford Borough Council is committed to being open and transparent and we follow the code of recommended practice for local authorities on data transparency.

Welcome to our transparency pages where you can find out how the council works and how we spend your money.

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Budgeting and Statement of Accounts

 Documents include details of:

  • Income and expenditure accounts
  • Balance sheet
  • Cashflow statement
  • Statements of movement in the General Account

Cookie Policy

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We use contractors to provide a variety of services. The South East Business Portal has a list of our principal contracts and future contract opportunities. A list of all our current contracts can be found on our Community Right to Challenge page.

Declared Interests (staff)

Officers must declare personal interests, relationships of a business or private nature with contractors or potential contractors, or outside commitments where these may or may be perceived to create conflicts of interest.

Equalities Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 applies to all public bodies and any private and voluntary bodies carrying out public functions. In summary, the Act places a legal duty on Ashford Borough Council’s staff and councillors to give due regard to equalities when carrying out our functions.

Equalities Information

The council must annually publish information it holds for people with protected characteristics who are either council employees or residents affected by the council's services or policies.

Expenses (councillors)

Members are given allowances specific to their role as a councillor. There are also allowances to cover travel, incidental costs and childcare. The amounts paid are published at the end of each financial year.

Expenses (staff)

The council has a code of conduct for staff claiming expenses. Follow the link above to see the total amounts claimed for each category of expense (travel, incidental costs, etc). This will be updated every quarter.

Food Hygiene Reports

Ashford Borough Council uses the National Food Hygiene Rating system for rating local food businesses.

Fraud Transparency Information

Under the Transparency Code 2014 the Council must publish information on its counter fraud work every year.

Hospitality (staff)

Officers must declare gifts and hospitality that have been offered, whether they are accepted or declined. Gifts and hospitality for staff can only be accepted if in line with the council's Code of Conduct and if authorised by their Service Manager.

Land and Building Assets

Under the Transparency Code the council should publish details of the land and buildings that it owns, both freehold and leasehold.

Licensing Applications

View a list of the borough's licensed premises, applications for a licence and our licensing policy.

Member Grants 14-15 [pdf] 215KB

View latest financial information on the grants awarded by members to local community groups.

Parking Information

View information on our parking account, penalty charges issued and the number of on-street and off-street parking bays in Ashford.

Our Performance

Performance data shows how we are doing against our strategic priorities.

Related Party Transactions 2012/13 [pdf] 14MB

Once a year, Members and Officers must declare any transaction they, or their close family, have had with the borough council.

Residents Survey 2014

This page presents the findings of the Council's latest resident survey, conducted by Lake Market Research over the summer of 2014.

Our Salaries

This includes data on senior employees - their salaries including names, budgets including overall salary costs, numbers of staff they are responsible for,  job descriptions, a summary of their responsibilities and their structure charts including salary bands and details of vacant posts.

Quarter by Quarter spend - Supplier invoices

This data is taken from the council's financial system and contains details of all payments made to suppliers.

Trade Union Facility Time

Under the Transparency Code 2014 the Council must publish information on its trade union facility time.

Transparency Publication Policy [doc] 29KB

We aim to be open and declare information wherever appropriate. We have also made our documents as comprehensive as possible. However, the transparency data we have published is guided by a specific policy.

Transport Information

Here you will find information concerning anything to do with parking policies and parking performance reports.

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