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Severe Weather

Get Ready for Winter Campaign

The 'Get Ready for Winter' initiative was first launched in 2011 and involves a number of government departments, industry bodies and voluntary sector partners including the British Red Cross, WRVS, St John Ambulance and the Salvation Army.

The initiative follows the severe weather of winter 2010/11 which saw several heavy bouts of snow fall across Kent which affected many individuals and communities and highlighted the need to ensure that good advice and guidance was easily available.

The purpose of the project is to:

  • Raise awareness of the need for winter planning
  • Raise awareness of weather impacts and benefits of planning
  • Provide an opportunity to link local activities and messages to a national initiative
  • Highlight some very simple and straight forward advice
  • Provide one point of entry for individuals to access a range of advice and links to further information

The 'Get Ready for Winter' campaign has now been launched for this year (2016/17) and is being hosted once again by the Met Office.

Working with partners in the Cabinet Office, across government and in the voluntary sector, this campaign offers a range of advice to help you prepare for winter and take action when severe weather is forecast.

You can expect advice designed to keep you and your family safe and well during the winter months - from driving in severe weather to ensuring your home is prepared for a cold snap, so no matter what the weather brings we can enjoy the winter months ahead.

Visit the Met Office Get Ready for Winter website

Severe weather can also cause loss of power to homes during winter, so for further advice on what to do and who to contact if you home suffers a power cut, please visit our loss of power page.

For further information and safety advice on severe weather situations, please also visit Kent Police extreme weather page.


In 2012, a drought developed in much of England, including Kent as a result of two winters with below average rainfall. By April 2012, river flows and groundwater levels were exceptionally low and temporary use bans were introduced by water companies over spring and summer.

Restrictions enable water companies to limit certain uses of water to help them conserve their remaining supplies.

For further information on water restrictions, please visit the Environment Agency for details.

The Waterwise website also offers further information and useful tips on how to cut your water use and save money. For advice, please visit Waterwise for water saving tips.

During a drought or a hosepipe ban, your water supplier will be able to offer additional help and advice.

Water companies covering the Ashford area are:

To find further useful information on preparing for winter, such as finding a plumber and how to prevent frozen pipes, please read South East Water's tips for winter.

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